Stack Overflow架构分析

The Architecture of Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow, and its Q&A network Stack Exchange, have been growing exponentially for the last four years. They now encompass:

  • 114 Q&A sites
  • 4.8 million users
  • 8.3 million questions
  • 14.6 million answers

In this talk, I will describe:

  • The physical architecture of Stack Overflow. How many servers are there? What is their purpose and what are their specs?
  • The logical architecture of the software. How do we scale up? What are the main building blocks of our software?
  • The tooling system. What supports our extreme optimization philosophy?
  • The development team. What are our core values? What footprint do we want to leave as developers?
Stack OverFlow核心开发组工程师

Marco Cecconi在Stack OverFlow的核心开发组工作。他在米兰出生,在新加坡上学,然后在巴黎、葡萄牙等地工作多年。自2008年起他成为Stack Exchange的一员,和他的太太与孩子定居在英国肯特郡。在这之前,他还在Sophos和Fullsix两家公司担任过资深架构师的职位。