在8周内本地化Stack Overflow的故事

How We Localized Stack Overflow in 6-8 Weeks

Stack Overflow, and its Q&A network Stack Exchange, is the number one resource on the Internet for programmers of all nations.

Or is it?

A lot of programmers do not speak English well enough to participate actively in the English Stack Overflow site, so we localized it.

In this talk, I will describe how we did so, Stack-Overflow-style:

  • Why did we internationalize in the first place? And what does it mean for us?
  • Making it easy, making it fast
  • MoonSpeak: our Roslyn-based translation engine. Also, let's talk about S&M.
  • Localization weirdness: because the world is a really strange place.

  • The Moonspeakening
  • Other lessons learned: where did we screw up?
Stack OverFlow核心开发组工程师

Marco Cecconi在Stack OverFlow的核心开发组工作。他在米兰出生,在新加坡上学,然后在巴黎、葡萄牙等地工作多年。自2008年起他成为Stack Exchange的一员,和他的太太与孩子定居在英国肯特郡。在这之前,他还在Sophos和Fullsix两家公司担任过资深架构师的职位。