Components & Modules for Front End Sanity at Scale


We seem to keep learning the same lesson about monolithic things being bad, and modular things being good. It's time to learn that lesson for web UI. With web components on the horizon, at the FT we set out to completely redesign our strategy for developing websites. Totally modular, with the strength of package management, strict versioning and standard build processes at its core, we're building with ultimate flexibility in mind. We can no longer afford to build complex pieces of UI for only one website, as the number of web products also increases (we have 600 domains) we need to spend less time on each one and yet increase performance and improve user experience across the board. Our answer is a standard called Origami, which we're working on in public.

Come and hear about it!


Andrew是英国金融时报实验室的负责人,同时也是一位PHP和JavaScript程序员。他的团队致力于研发试验性质的Web技术并发布相关产品——比如金融时报Web App. 在加入金融时报实验室之前,Andrew创建了Web咨询公司Assanka,为诸如News International, The Economist Group and the FT这样的客户打造创新性的Web项目。