Everything I Learned About Scaling Online Games I Learned at Google and eBay


While the worlds of ecommerce, search, and application platforms might seem as far from the gaming industry as one might imagine, lessons learned in those environments are surprisingly applicable to online games. Real-time games in particular face many of the same challenges faced -- and solved -- by companies like eBay and Google. They are extremely latency-sensitive, are subject to unpredictable growth and scalability curves, and exhibit extremely spiky load profiles. The real-time player experience is critical to the success of a game -- if a game is down or slow, players will leave and never come back. This session will discuss how experiences with large-scale websites like eBay and Google have informed our approach to building, testing, and operating real-time games at KIXEYE.

This session tells several war stories from eBay and Google about performance, consistency, iterative development, and autoscaling. It further puts it all together by connecting those experiences with what we are now doing in our next-generation gaming platform at KIXEYE.

KIXEYE is a pre-IPO developer of online strategy and combat games based in San Francisco, and has grown 10x in the last 2 years. Funded by Trinity Ventures, we are profitable, and have over 500 employees across the US, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands. KIXEYE's culture is defined by a passion for high quality, immersive real-time games and a desire to define the next generation of gaming online. We live by the credos Innovation Over Imitation, Quality Over Quantity, and Passion Over Profit.

KIXEYE CTO、前GAE总监、eBay首席工程师

做为CTO,Randy把他过去25年的工程经验带到了KIXEYE。在KIXEYE之前,他曾是Google的工程总监,带领几只团队打造世界上最大的PasS平台——Google App Engine。在Google之前,他曾是一家商业初创公司Shopilly的CTO和联合创始人。他还曾在eBay做为首席工程师和杰出架构师工作六年半,打造eBay的实时搜索基础设施并完成数次迭代。在那之前他还在Tumbleweed Communications、Oracle和Informatica等公司担任过诸如首席工程师这样的角色。在工作以外,Randy经常在工业界和学术界的各大会议就分布式系统,大规模基础设施和系统可靠性等话题发表演讲。