Deep Dive into Amazon's NoSQL Journey and AWS Operations


Amazon.com runs some of the world's largest distributed systems at scale. Much of the internet relies on these services to be highly available, performant, and to scale virtually limitlessly. This session will be a deep dive into the history of NoSQL at Amazon.com, from the world of relational databases, to the Dynamo days, to the world of managed services like DynamoDB. We will cover externally facing Amazon Web Services, as well as internal services that power much of Amazon.com and AWS behind the scenes. We will share lessons we learned along the way and how the distributed systems at Amazon.com evolved over the last decade to take on their current form. We cover deployment practices, testing and modeling methodologies, as well as how we continuously improve the operations of our services every day. You'll hear about realtime streaming systems like Amazon Kinesis, managed NoSQL Databases like DynamoDB, and some tips and tricks on how to operate and manage relational databases too! This talk will also cover key practices that we adhere to for operations, fault tolerance, and high availability, with lessons you can directly apply to your own services! We will cover testing, deployment practices, as well as approaches for modeling distributed systems for correctness. Come join us for an interactive session and get ready for a fun ride into the depths of AWS.

AWS NoSQL工程团队领导

Khawaja Shams目前是AWS NoSQL工程主管,热衷于分布式系统研究,热爱代码和分布式应用开发。在加入AWS之前,他是美国宇航局推进技术实验室行动规划软件(OPS)实验室成员。Khawaja负责操作和运营机器人资产,包括地面、空中、水上机器人以及火星探测车等。 他是多个软件项目的负责人,火星科学实验室行动策划和序列子系统(APSS)服务端组件工程师,在推进技术实验室中同首席技术官保持着亲密的合作,力求在保证安全的情况下,将云计算实施到NASA的任务行动中。同时,他也是推进技术实验室,CIO技术委员会(CTAB)顾问。